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please stand by.

We'll be updating tonight, we're just waiting on comic genesis. 

Thanks for reading!



Sorry for the lack of lj update last week- I was sick as a dog, and too heavily medicated to realize that it was Thursday.

So, here would be the comic that comes directly after the last one posted to lj (the comic updates automatically, even when I don't post here)
I love that first panel. It took me ages, but I think it turned out nicely.

The next page is here: http://godseeker.comicgenesis.com/d/20090514.html
And I love Tiras rolling his eyes. Man, I was so lazy about backgrounds back when I was drawing these. It gets better folks, I promise. The pages I'm drawing now are background-tastic.

Then comes this page: http://godseeker.comicgenesis.com/d/20090519.html about which I have little to say.

And, last but not least, this page: http://godseeker.comicgenesis.com/ which brings you all up to speed.

Thanks for reading!

Comic Genesis working again! and 5 pages.

Ok! The updates finally went through, and we have new pages for you all.

Here is the most recent page that hasn't been posted here: http://godseeker.comicgenesis.com/d/20090421.html with one of my favorite gags of all the posted pages so far.

http://godseeker.comicgenesis.com/d/20090423.html is the is the page directly after that.

http://godseeker.comicgenesis.com/d/20090428.html is the one after that. In which Tiras looks creepy, and we see the exterior of the temple for the first time.

http://godseeker.comicgenesis.com/d/20090430.html in which we meet a new character, and see a bit of village life.

http://godseeker.comicgenesis.com/d/20090505.html the page that was supposed to go up Tuesday, but didn't due to technical difficulties regarding our host service. That little crowd of people took me FOREVER to draw.

http://godseeker.comicgenesis.com/ and today's comic! About which I have mixed feelings.

Thanks for looking!



Hi all! you may have noticed that the comic didn't update today. Rest assured that the page IS uploaded, and will update as soon as our host, comicgenesis, stops having issues. Please check back a bit later.

In other news, from now on, were only going to be updating this every Thursday, with links to Tuesdays and Thursdays comics. Posting twice a week just seemed a bit much, don't you think?


I forgot this existed again!

Ok, so, April 14ths comic is right here: godseeker.comicgenesis.com/d/20090414.html which I had a ton of fun drawing. I seriously do love drawing these two.

April 16ths comic is here:  godseeker.comicgenesis.com/d/20090416.html and features a mysterious stranger

And todays comic comic is here: godseeker.comicgenesis.com and has a 2nd to last panel that cracked me up, at least.

And that has you all caught up!

Reminder, we, and the black hat collective will be at Microcon at the MN state fairgrounds this Sunday, with preview pages, prints (mabey), and the Black Hat Collective anthology, "A Day in the Life" for sale.

page 6 update

is posting an announcement here every time there's an update too much? I read a few comics that do it, but I'm not sure if its right for us.

Anyways, page 6 is now posted. I don't like to be self-deprecating, but I have to say I do't like this page much. Of the 30-odd pages so far drawn for Godseeker (yep. were gonna have some nice, regular updates around here for a good long time) this is my least favorite. Serves me right for trying to imitate Fumi Yoshinaga (artist of...among other things...Antique Bakery). But still, the last 3rd of the page is pretty cute, isn't it? I guess that's something.



Welcome, new readers from Anime Detour! Page 5 is up, and viewable here: http://godseeker.comicgenesis.com which means that our auto-update system is working now! huzzah!

Also, a reminder to anyone interested, we, and the other members of the Black Hat Collective will be at
microconCollapse ) later this month. With a binder full of arty goodness from ourselves and the other Blackhatters. Including some sneak-peek bonus art and a new print. The comics anthology we contributed to- "A Day in the Life" will also be available for sale.

4 pages updated!

Ok, I doubt many of you noticed, but we actually have been updating the site- I didn't alert you because there were some major problems with relative sizes making said pages pretty much unreadable. However! We've gone back and fixed that, and have continued updating, so there are now 4 (mostly) lovely pages now up! The first and 3rd are my favorites, personally.


Please, go have a look! And feel free to tell us what you think.


Ok, so, for some reason, the update will not take. We have uploaded the page, but haven't managed to make it appear where its supposed to appear.

We'll let you know here as soon as we do!

Once more, with feeling!

Attention: Anyone Interested!!!

Godseeker will be resuming updates Tuesday, March 24th, 2009! We are moving from a chapter a month schedule to a Tuesday/Thursday update schedule, at reader request. We have a spiffy new webpage, some exiting plans about to come to fruition, and...

we're starting over. That's right, we got to page 70, and decided to start over. Largely because we felt the story was simply moving way too slowly. So, the script got a facelift, the art got a makeover, and we're pretty happy with the results.

And I will absolutely swear on any book you like that we'll never do it again. Promise. For one thing, I don't think I could stand it.

Anyways, stay tuned!

<3 Terry