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Remember, we are updating with bonus art and concept stuff all week and next week.

Today, An old picture of Myna.  In color!  Terry tried digital oil painting on her computer.  I like it.  She dislikes it.  Myna has since gotten a slightly darker skin tone, different shaped eyes, and her artist has gotten better at drawing her.

I included the palette 'cuase I thought that was cool.


...News and stuff.

The (bad) webmaster/ writer here. 

I found Tuesday's page.  It was labeled wrong and uhm...didn't exactly update in the right spot.  30090721 =/= the right date.


I suck, I'm sorry.  Tuesday's page is updated now.  If you follow amber_sketches on twitter you know about the horror that was this morning wherein we sorta need to redo Thursday's page.  Terry is redrawing it, and it should be up on time.  Even though it is a crowd scene, and I'm not allowed to put those in anymore.  She is glaring at me right now.

Better news!

We will be moving from Comic Genesis to Girlamatic.  This is awesome for many reasons for US, and awesome for a couple of reasons for you.  First off: they will do more of the website stuff that I'm so bad at.  I (probably!) can't break the webpage with them. Yay!  Secondly: The page will look nicer, we'll be able to add fancy things like fan-art pages and bio pages and all those fun bells and whistles I haven't added for fear of breaking the internet again. Yay!

Thirdly: In honor of the move, we went back and fixed some spelling errors!  Yeah. We're excited about that one too.  Please tell us when you find one.  Terry is a bit dyslexic and I'm too used to it to see it anymore.

So while we will be posting the enitre archive at Girlamatic, we will be posting it on an accelerated shedule (probably T,TH, S, but may be M, W, F) so this is a good time to tell folks to start reading it.

We will be posting new pages on Comic Genesis while this is happening at our old pace (Tuesday Thursday) so y'all don't have to wait for new stuff.  When the Girlamatic and Comic Genesis pages meet, then we will stop updating on Comic Genesis.

And...Now the part where I beg your patience.  Yup, we'll be taking a few weeks off to move stuff, draw promo art, make and order new business cards, y'know all the stuff that is going to eat up our time make make us update late.

So, starting next week, we'll be posting...well...the stuff I'm always interested in in my comics: the background stuff.  The concept art, layouts, the first ever drawings of a couple of characters, some neato prints that never saw the light of day, and a few things that will make Terry want to burn down the internet to remove 'cuase of how old they are.

So, that's the news.  Fun and exciting times!


another lesson in comics

I've noticed something about drawing comics. Whenever I find myself avoiding drawing a page (I don't always draw them in order) I should take that as a sign. When I don't want to draw it, nobody else will want to look at it. If I'm really avoiding it, then its probably a bad sign. Every time I've redesigned a page when I've been avoiding it, it comes out a hundred times better.

Friendly warning

Hi all, this is just a friendly warning that the next couple of pages of Godseeker may include (gasp) female nipples. Not...especially provocative nipples, but they are on an Myna, a woman, and so they may be considered NSFW. Double standard? Sure. But I wouldn't want my reckless nipple-drawing to get anyone in trouble with their employers.


New method

Ok, so we seem to have a slight problem here. The pages are going up nice and regular, but the lj just isn't getting updated. Also, I just don't have that much to say about the comic every single week. SO- I'll now only be updating this space when something is going on- I'm going to be at a Convention, we have fanart, I draw some extra art I want to share, or something like that. You all can remember on your own that Godseeker updates every Tuesday and Thursday, right? I thought so.

By coincidence, I actually have a little peice of mini-news about the comic today as well! I have a twitter account now! So, if you wish to follow me, just find me on twitter under amber_sketches a lot of my time is taken up with Godseeker, so theres a pretty good chance that it'll come up a lot in my tweets.

Thanks all!


Jun. 30th, 2009


We should be all updated for Thursday. 

I, (Lisa) have decided to start a series of LJ stuff called "Fun Facts!!!!11!!!" 

This may be because I am low on sleep, a bit high on caffeine, and feeling the need to waste some time.  This feature will appear randomly, and may or may not contain anything you all are actually interested in.

Today's Fun Fact!!!!11!!! is...

The song I think of when thinking of Godseeker as a whole is "Suddenly I See" by KT Tunstall.


so I'm an idiot and forgot to upload a comic for the 10th till...



so...There WAS a comic for weds.  It's very nice.  It is waiting on comic genesis to update the page. 

...It will show up in the archives as being on time... 

Remember--we're updating m-f through next friday.  Please let me know about any problems with the webpage--I'm still learning it all and I've borked the webpage on more then one occasion.

--Your friendly writer/web"master", Lisa

remember--we've got another post up today!

check it out--we've got another post up. (re: friday)

we'll be doing m-f posts while yarik is telling this little creation story--about a week and a half...or so...



er.  also, i'll be fixing the size  problem for yesterday.

The next few weeks...

will be special!

We will be updating m-f until the story is over. 

The story is the stuff in this nifty art-style.

So, this week will have a comic today (thursday) and friday.

Should be fun!


edited to add:
Tuesday's comic is here
Thursday's comic is here

Comic has updated!

Ok, folks, the page has updated with the new page.

If you didnt catch Tuesdays, then that is over here: http://godseeker.comicgenesis.com/d/20090526.html

And Thursdays comic is right here: http://godseeker.comicgenesis.com as usual. I'm pretty fond of this one, really. I like how the greyscale turned out.

As a special treat today, I thought that I (Teri, the one who draws the comic) would give you guys a peek at the currant incarnation of "the list". "The list" is a list I keep trying to give Lisa (the writer) of things banned from the comic. Things I've told her she's not allowed to write into the script anymore, because I don't want to draw them. This list has been ever-expanding since the first incarnation of this comic, but this is the present version. Since I've drawn about up to page 50, and you guys just got page 20, it also serves as a little preview of things to come.

The List:
-things underwater (especially people)
-interior spaces
-any crowd of people numbering more than 4
-walls with fur on them
-buildings made of bone **** (especially this one)

Stay tuned to watch the list grow, and to see Lisa continue to defy me.